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Double Cleansing. Do I really need to?

Let's be real, for some of us our skincare routines are as simple as we can get away with. There is nothing wrong with that, but don't skip out on some of the simplest ways to care for and treat your skin. Double cleansing may be the most over looked step in skincare routines. Why the heck would we add in another cleanse when we are forcing ourselves to do the first one!? Well let me tell you! Double cleansing is a quick and easy way to make sure your skin is squeaky clean for all of those yummy toners, serums and whatever else you are using to treat your skin. Double cleansing lays the ground work for those treatments to dive in deep and treat your skin.

When should you double cleanse? I like to teach my clients to use a gentle cleanser in the AM with a single cleanse and to use their treatment cleanser in the PM with a double cleanse. Double cleansing in the evening is so important because it removes all of the gunk your skin accumulates during the day. We have oils, environmental junk, makeup, mask and lots of other things that settle on our skin throughout the day. Double cleansing is a quick and easy way to make sure you are removing all of that and creating a beautiful, clean surface to get the best out of your products! So do your skin a favor and don't skip the double cleanse!

Benefits of double cleansing.

  • Removes unwanted oils and debris build up from the day.

  • Allows your treatment products to work at their very best.

  • Can help clear your skin and eliminate other skin issues.


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