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Facial oils, whats the hype all about?

Facial oils are some of the most under rated, simple and effective skincare products that honestly, we should all be using. The power of facial oils have been used for centuries. Cleopatra herself attributed her beautiful skin and hair to natural oils and remedies. So why have we all gotten so far away from these simple skincare solutions?

Put simply, media and advertisements. We have been taught through these channels that nothing oily or "greasy" if you will, should ever touch are skin. "Are you crazy, you will get acne!" Sorry Karen, but you are wrong.

Our skin loves oils! In fact, facial oils are some of the most effective ways for cleansing out the debris from our pores and clearing congested skin. You have dull skin, oils can fix that. You have congestion, oils can fix that. You have dry/oily/you have no idea whats going on with your skin, you guessed it! Oils can fix that!

Moral of the story, 1980 is over. Rubbing alcohol as a skin fix all is out and facial oils are in. So don't be afraid to see how amazing your skin can be with the right facial oil! Please keep in mind, not all face oils are created the same. If you have questions about finding the right oil, reach out.

Benefits of facial oils.

  • Resets & nourishes the skin

  • Can clear congested pores

  • Normalizes skin tone, giving you that dewy glow.


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